Monday, 17 August 2015

Confinement Centre Viewings Part 3 - Gina's Place (The Breastfeeding Postnatal Centre)

If you are a Mummy who breastfeeds, you will definitely know TBAN (The Breastfeeding Advocates Network) and through that Gina Yong.  

I had heard a lot about her Postnatal Centre which used to be somewhere in Kota Kemuning (thanks for Mum-in-law again) but now it is in Taman Yarl. I checked out her FB page and blogspot then wrote her an email to find out more. 

Her response was prompt, the information provided was very comprehensive and she included clear terms and conditions as well. The only thing left was to visit and experience the place. Lots of brownie points! 

  • Brownie point No. 1 - They encourage and encourage and encourage breast feeding! This is really important to me as I breastfed Chapati until he was about 16 months old. I am really hoping to breastfeed longer with baby #2.
  • 2 kinds of room, Classic and Luxury - RM 10,388/RM 11,388 or RM 11,011.28/RM 12,071.28 inclusive of 6% GST (This price is only applicable until 31 December 2015)
  • They give you 3 main meals, 2 snacks and 1 supper. Brown Point No. 2 - They specifically prepare a tonic soup for Mummies everyday. (I love love love to drink soup)
  • Disposable mesh panties, cotton socks and slippers for Mummy. Laundry also taken care of and Daddy can stay if he wants. (We saw a few Daddies there when we visited)
  • They provide everything for baby so you don't have to bring a bagful of stuff for baby. Brownie Point No. 3 - They use cloth diapers! This is so good for the baby's bottom. 
  • Brownie Point No. 4 - There are qualified nurses there with experience who will help to care for you and baby 24/7
  • The centre was very spacious and homely. Brownie Point No. 5 - They provide good Getha beds so the sleep should be comfortable. 
  • Bathrooms were clean but looked a little old. Thought I felt that the baby bathing area looked a little run down. It was probably a wet kitchen which they converted to put a bathing tub in the sink. Then at the side was an Ikea changing pad to dress your baby.
  • Brownie Point No. 6. - The baby area is in the main hall which I thought was a good idea because then it is visible to everyone and they had good air circulation rather than in a small covered rooms like the other centres. 
  • The rooms very pretty decent sizes and they provide a kettle for boiling water, drinks and snacks in the room. (in case Mummy suddenly gets hungry)
  • Lastly I thought it was fantastic that they make it compulsory for Mummy & Daddy to attend a breast feeding class to help understand before birth. 
There are a couple of things that I really have to think about namely:-

1) Since baby #2 is arriving around the CNY period. There will be a 20% surchage on top of the cost. Though I must say that her CNY period is only between 7th - 14th of February which is really reasonable whilst some other centres start as early at 24th of January and last for one month! 
2) As I am opting for natural birth my EDD is 3rd February 2016 but I could deliver anytime from 13th January 2016 onwards. According to the terms it is ok if I deliver earlier then I just wait for a room to become available. However, if I deliver later then I might have to pay RM100/day to hold the room for me. Then my stay might be reduced and the charges pro-rated. Note: This is something to clarify if I am going to confirm the room.

After our visit was done, I really like the way things are done and handled at Gina's place. Overall I felt reassured and confident that baby #2 and I would be taken of and comfortable. The only drawback was that among all the centres this was really premium and thus as it would be expected, premium pricing as well. I would be spending a grand total of RM 13,213.54 for my 28 days confinement for baby #2!

That's a lot of money!


  1. Hi there, wanted to know did you really took Gina's place as your confinement centre?
    Can share the experience of yours?

    1. Hi there, no I did not confirm the place as I have decided on something else. Sorry can't share any experiences as my EDD is only on 3rd Feb 2016. When are you due? Good luck!

  2. Hi there, do you know if we deliver earlier than EDD, do we still need to pay for the surcharge for CNY if our stay doesn't fall between 7/2 - 14/2.

    1. Hi there, it would be best to check with the center directly to clarify this point but my understanding is as long as your stays falls within that period the surcharge is applicable. So an example would be:-

      If you start staying at the center on the 6th of January and you take the 28 day package, your last day of stay should be 2nd of February. So in this case you probably will not need to pay for the surcharge.

      However if you start staying at the center on the 12th of January and you take the 28 days package, your last day of stay should be the 8th of February. In this case, you would probably need to pay the surcharge.

      Once again, would be best for you to call and clarify with them directly just in case their policies or terms and conditions have changed, or my understanding could be possibly wrong.

      All the best with your pregnancy!

  3. Hi, you have chosen a different confinement centre?

    1. Hi there, initially I decided to do my own DIY confinement however, some circumstances have changed and I have chosen to go a confinement center. You can read the place that I chose here

  4. How's your experience in Yuan Yuan? I am looking for a confinement centre too. My due date is next year jan

    1. Hi there! Congratulations! You are starting preparations early! But that is great! My experience was great! I am doing my postings on my experience there. I have broken it up into parts. You can read some which I have posted and

      Please do connect with me at I will be happy to share! Take care and do keep me updated on your pregnancy progress.