Monday 29 December 2014

Auto predictive text - Chapati?

According to Wikipedia....

Chapatti, chappati, chapathi -  is an unleavened flatbread made from flour which is wholegrain common wheat. It is made simply by adding water, oil and salt and then rolled out into disc shapes and cooked on a skillet on both sides.

Healthier compared to our typical Malaysian roti canai or nasi lemak for breakfast. So they say, but once you add in all the dhall and curry...same same lah.

Hubby and I refer to our son as champion...this is because we believe in the power of our words. What we say makes a difference so better than calling him baby, our nickname CHAMPION.  Yes, a little cliche but heck between the both of us we like it.

Here is the Whatsapp conversation between hubby and I that changed all that....

Anyway we both laughed like crazy and the name stuck. He is now officially Chapati (and champion at times) between us. 

Happy chappatis!

Tuesday 21 October 2014

I am a Mom! Unbelievable!

Finally my very first post! Time really flies. I remember the heartbreak of my earlier two miscarriages in October 2012 and again in February 2013 but God has been so good. I was pregnant again in May 2013 and last Saturday Joshua turned 8 months old!

I wanted to explore blogging whilst pregnant as I had so many grand ideas. I also have a love for journaling but of the paper kind! So here I am at a brave new frontier of digital journaling. My "lenses" have changed so much since becoming a Mom. Now it seems that everything is coloured from the perspective of a parent and more especially a full time working Mom who wants the best for her kid (kids...soon...we want more!)

I will blog as often as I can amidst the whirlwind of life with hubby (KCM) and Joshua, my family all over the world, work realities and hilarious moments selling people for a living (aka recruiter), on being a Heritage Builder, parenting,  my obsession for buying baby stuff, observations and learnings, life hacks for busy parents, breastfeeding and donating breast milk, guitar and drums, chocolates and travel (this one I really hope SOON!) and a whole lot of other things that fits my fancy.

I am excited! Join me on my journey as I tackle this new phase of being responsible for someone else other than myself. I am a Mom!