Thursday 30 July 2015

Pinching...Job wise

Is that we are all relegated to at the moment? Pinching? Stealing people from one company to another? Then there is this H2H hiring...Hiring to hurt? I read the article below today and felt really bad.

A quote directly from
“The name is clearly indicative of its chief goal, which is to identify key talent and then hire them away to the point where your H2H hiring actually hurts the competitor’s business results.” 

Why can't we all live and let live. Really, is the pie so small that we have to do things to each other just to gain the upper hand and make that little much more? What's more horrifying to me is there really so little talent out there? People with good potential and abilities? People who are willing to put in the time and commitment to do well in their jobs? Really so few out there?

Tuesday 28 July 2015

Vomit free day!

Thank God that 28th July 2015 was an awesome and unprecedented day! I did not vomit...not even once! I only felt sick twice and for very short spans of time.

I even managed to eat a meal in the evening which was the Papparich fried bee hoon and a cup of ice cold water. Although not all of it, at least half! Best part was, I felt normal, I felt like myself for most of the day!

I could think, I could feel, I could taste the noodles, I could enjoy a normal conversation with people! I could actually sit down for one and the half hours and not feel sick.

Is this my turning point in carrying baby #2? It has been a really difficult and challenging 4 weeks. Hubby says it might just be the best for me that God works in ways that we don't understand but brings the best for us. Losing 4 kilos of weight brought me back to my previous pre-prenancy weight with Chapati. I have been complaining about how I haven't lost the weight from carrying Chapati and now I have to put on some more weight. I did say that I didn't want to become a giant hippo.

Time to eat healthy and put back in all the nutrients and both baby and I need. Praying that I can start exercising too. I tire so easily now and am well aware how unfit I am physically.

Well, I am going to enjoy today...