Tuesday 28 July 2015

Vomit free day!

Thank God that 28th July 2015 was an awesome and unprecedented day! I did not vomit...not even once! I only felt sick twice and for very short spans of time.

I even managed to eat a meal in the evening which was the Papparich fried bee hoon and a cup of ice cold water. Although not all of it, at least half! Best part was, I felt normal, I felt like myself for most of the day!

I could think, I could feel, I could taste the noodles, I could enjoy a normal conversation with people! I could actually sit down for one and the half hours and not feel sick.

Is this my turning point in carrying baby #2? It has been a really difficult and challenging 4 weeks. Hubby says it might just be the best for me that God works in ways that we don't understand but brings the best for us. Losing 4 kilos of weight brought me back to my previous pre-prenancy weight with Chapati. I have been complaining about how I haven't lost the weight from carrying Chapati and now I have to put on some more weight. I did say that I didn't want to become a giant hippo.

Time to eat healthy and put back in all the nutrients and both baby and I need. Praying that I can start exercising too. I tire so easily now and am well aware how unfit I am physically.

Well, I am going to enjoy today...

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