Tuesday 21 October 2014

I am a Mom! Unbelievable!

Finally my very first post! Time really flies. I remember the heartbreak of my earlier two miscarriages in October 2012 and again in February 2013 but God has been so good. I was pregnant again in May 2013 and last Saturday Joshua turned 8 months old!

I wanted to explore blogging whilst pregnant as I had so many grand ideas. I also have a love for journaling but of the paper kind! So here I am at a brave new frontier of digital journaling. My "lenses" have changed so much since becoming a Mom. Now it seems that everything is coloured from the perspective of a parent and more especially a full time working Mom who wants the best for her kid (kids...soon...we want more!)

I will blog as often as I can amidst the whirlwind of life with hubby (KCM) and Joshua, my family all over the world, work realities and hilarious moments selling people for a living (aka recruiter), on being a Heritage Builder, parenting,  my obsession for buying baby stuff, observations and learnings, life hacks for busy parents, breastfeeding and donating breast milk, guitar and drums, chocolates and travel (this one I really hope SOON!) and a whole lot of other things that fits my fancy.

I am excited! Join me on my journey as I tackle this new phase of being responsible for someone else other than myself. I am a Mom!

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