Monday 19 January 2015

Nursing Bra frustrations!

I have been breast feeding for 11 months now to the dot and it has been really frustrating for me to find good nursing bras. To start with, I was a 34C/D pre pregnancy and since then have gone up a cup size or two. I think that I have normalised back again to to a D.As with all breast feeding mums the typical complaints are saggy or heavy boobs. So I can't go without a bra even at night when sleeping.

I find that most bras I have come across just don't seem to provide enough support for heavier/chestier mummies like me. I have tried Marks & Spencers nursing bras, Fabulous Mom bras, Autumnz, every brand in Mothercare...sigh... even a search on the internet on nursing bras in Malaysia doesn't yield very promising results. Most online shops only show similar brand bras and a lot of them stop at C cup size!

Anyway, my breastfeeding journey for Josh is only halfway and we are hoping to welcome more new family members to our little family...I need to find good supportive nursing bras! So I am determined to go on a little hunt to find suitable, supportive and reasonably priced nursing bras... really really soon!

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