Friday, 4 March 2016

February 2016 Expenditures And A Baby!

February 2016 will be forever a cherished memory for us because our little family is now a family of 4 with the arrival of little Joel! Ta-da! It has been a roller coaster ride of an adventure for us as parents caring for another little human being and a major adjustment for Chapati. He is now the big kor-kor! (big brother)  It has been really awesome and at the same time really exhausting for us but we are so ready for our new adventure as a family!

 Little Joel at two weeks old, sleeping contently after a feed

It was also an out of this world month for us in terms of expenditures, we spent a lot of money this month, but it's all good because we were ready for it and Hubby had already planned for the medical expenses which made up the bulk of our spending. It has also helped that we have started spending more prudently over the last 6 months and saving more. Whilst it looks like a lot, we managed to spend a lot less than what we did for Chapati's birth two years ago. Experience does help! We did it once before and I was determined that we would do it cheaper and just as good this time around.

That's us having a blast of time at the playground taking photos! :) 40 weeks preggie!

I also decided to encapsulate my placenta to try and see if my recovery after delivery would be better and faster. Most importantly, I am hoping it will also stave away any kind of post natal blues. Based on a friend's recommendation, I decided to confirm the encapsulation services from Gift of Love. You can check out their FB page from the link.

A few things that we did right:-
  • Register my pregnancy with KKIA and do all follow up at the clinic which was free!
  • See our private Doctor who would be doing the delivery once a month. Usually when you reach your 3rd trimester you have to see the doctor once every two weeks and at your final month, once a week. We saved a lot of money on consultation fees! Hooray!
  • Free pregnancy vitamins from KKIA
  • Free jabs and compulsory blood tests at KKIA
  • Take the hospital maternity package. We could have saved even more if we took the 4 bedded ward. Honestly the 4 bedded room was so much more pleasant and spacious than the 2 bedded one that I was in. 
  • Staying in a confinement center for 28 days rather than hire a confinement lady for 2 months! 
  • Joel's medical procedure after he was born was a lot cheaper than Chapati's. We saved about RM300.
Overall, February was so awesome and fantastic! The joy of having Joel is beyond what we could imagine and as a family we have so much to look forward to. We are healthy, happy, more energised and determined to make a difference in our family life, our finances and walk with God!

So here goes, this is how we spend our RMs in February!


Amount (RM)


Eating Out


Chinese New Year Yee Sangs! Huat ar! Prosperity! Health and Happines for 2016!



Petrol prices dropped in Feb and since I was heavily pregnant and then delivered Joel, we haven’t been out gallivanting much. Can’t wait to be out and about after the 28 days confinement period.

Parking & Toll (TouchnGo)


Hubby’s TouchnGO Auto Reload Card

Parking & Toll



We are paying for Hubby’s parents using my TouchnGO Auto Reload Card

Mobile Phone Bills


We are paying for my parents, hubby’s parents and our monthly mobile phone bills

Specialist Consultation Fee


Two visits to see Dr Eee and one of them was when we did the CTG for Joel. Very reasonable

Placenta Encapsulation


From Gift of Love. 50 pills were vacuum packed, the rest were in a freezer safe bottle and the umbilical cord came back as a keepsake in a box molded in a heart shape.

Hospital Delivery & Ward Charges


This was the Pantai Cheras Hospital 2 bedded maternity package. 3 days and 2 nights.

Baby Jaundice Treatment


This was including the doctor’s charges, photo therapy and an additional two night’s stay for me in the 4 bedded ward so that I could be with him.

Joel Medical Procedure & Medication


This was done in Gleneagles Intan Medical Center on Jalan Ampang. It included the specialist consultation, day procedure and medication.

Confinement Home (2nd Installment)


We paid RM1,000 as a booking fee and now upon checking into the home, this second instalment. The rest will be in March 2016



Mostly CNY cookies, Bak Kwa (dried meat snack) and yummy Mandarin Oranges



Chinese New Year Angpows for family and friends! Look at the amount! This year is 2016! Cool…

Kids (Misc)


Hubby bought another truck for Chapati from DIY





New parents out there, how much did you spend on the delivery of your prince/princess? Any tips or ideas on how to save more?


  1. congrats mommy!!!! :) :) :)

    1. Hey thank you so much! Your turn soon! Do keep in touch and let me know when you deliver! :) Email always available! Take care!

  2. Hi mommy, how was ur stay at yuan yuan confinement center? I'm exploring to go there for my coming confinement. How's the food? Hope you can giv some feedback.

    1. Hi Joan,

      Congrats on your pregnancy! How far along are you?
      It was a very pleasant experience staying there indeed and the food was pretty good! However, I do believe that people generally have different taste buds so do connect with me on and I would be happy to answer any specific questions that you have or if you would like me to share other feedback. Or you can watch out for my upcoming post which I will be reviewing my stay there!

      Good luck!

  3. Hi Mummy, Congrats on for your second bb.
    May I know which doctor who helped on this second bb delivery? Coz Im deciding in between Dr Eee and Dr Tan Ee Ping. Heard the reviews that Dr Eee more on C-section. But I would prefer a normal delivery. Hope you can give some feedback.