Saturday 31 October 2015

3rd Consultation Appt. with Obstetrician & Gynaecologist - Dr Tan Ee Ping

Work has been really punishing these last couple of weeks. All my blogs postings are piling up and I finally get to sit down and finish one. I thought that this was important as it marks Week 25 of being pregnant with Baby #2.

Anyway, earlier this week we went to for our routine monthly check up and this time we decided to bring Chapati along to "meet" his didi (little brother) for the first time!

We arrived at the clinic about the same time as our previous visit but there was a heck of a lot more people and I was No. 17 on the queue. All in all I think we waited about 2 hours plus which is a little longer than our previous visit but still bearable apart from the fact that both Chapati and I were starving because we didn't manage to eat breakfast before leaving the house. All he got was his morning milk.

Chapati went straight for the playhouse and did a few round down the little slide before settling on a toy that makes the most noise! pandai children nowadays I tell you. 

I weighed in at 68 kgs! Horrors! I put on 2.3 kilos in just one month! I don't know how it happened considering that I still don't have any cravings and for the last 3 weeks my taste buds were non-existent because I had a cold and sore throat. So all food was bland and tasteless! How could I put on so much weight??!! But I was definitely eating more regularly than the previous months as there was no more morning sickness. Hubby says maybe some water retention? I hope so...Three more months to go...and only 3 kilos left to the 10 kilo mark! I really don't want to put on any more weight than necessary because it is going to be hell losing it. The nurse told me to cut out sugar completely... hmm... right... and no more Milo. I only drank Milo twice in the last one month. I have to be so careful from now on. It is good that Hubby and I are in agreement that we want to cook and eat at home more so that it is more healthy for the both of us. Hopefully this will help to keep the weight at bay. 

Urine test was good but my last blood test showed that my blood count was a bit low. Longan red dates tea coming up! The most surprising thing about this visit was that they gave me a tetanus jab. I asked them if it was normal and the nurse said yes. Usually with the first baby, they give you two tetanus jab and when you have your second baby, you only need one. I honestly cannot remember getting any jabs at all with Chapati. Anyway, after jabbing my arm, the nurse put on a baby band aid and Chapati was so amused by it that the nurse gave him one too and Hubby promptly put it on his arm.

Hahaha! So proud of it and showing it off!

The ultrasound was also good, really thank God! Baby#2 is now a whooping 746 grams. We brought Chapati in to see didi but he didn't really seem to know what was happening and didn't seem to interested in the pictures on the screen. Maybe because it was black and white?

Hi everyone! I am getting bigger and stronger!

This time around,  I have been feeling a downward pressure on my pelvic and vaginal area. It became worse over the last one and half week, and then the muscles near my panty line hurt like crazy when I walk or move around. So I have been walking very slowly and like a duck/penguin (I still do now...) But some days the pain was so bad that I just couldn't move at all. I complained to the doctor and she put me on immediate bed rest for 1 week citing that the pelvic muscles and the area around my groin was injured somewhat and I need to rest and recover if I didn't want complications during birth or after birth. I still had my coughing and running nose so she decided to put me on antibiotics for 5 days and on top of that, steroids to help reduce the inflammation and aid in muscle recovery. (More medicines!)

The bill this time around was in between our first and second visit so here is the breakdown of my bill:-

Consultation Fee          = RM 80
Pharmacy                     = RM 98
Ultrasound                   = RM 40
Total Bill                     = RM 218

Pharmacy consisted of the following:-

  • Multi-vitamins - Elepro Multivitamins Supplement - 28 tabs                   - RM 16
  • Calcium supplements tablets - 28 tabs                                                       - RM 12
  • Prednisone - 30 tabs (3 tabs, 2 times a day)                                               - RM 15
  • Antibiotics (co-amoxiclav 625 mg) - 10 tabs (1 tab, 2 times a day)          - RM 25
  • Tetanus injection                                                                                        - RM 30

  • I told the doctor directly that her DHA supplements were pricey and asked her if she could recommend other types of supplements that I could take since I am now no longer sensitive to smells. She recommended Neurogain. So it's off to the pharmacies to check on pricing. However, will only probably be able to do it next week as I am under "house arrest"! Bed rest is excruciatingly difficult. I just can't imagine having to lie down in bed the whole day. Ok, I guess I can still sit up on the computer and type. Not to mention that emails and other stuff from the office would be coming in since this is so sudden. I also get to spend some time finishing off all my pending blog posts! Yay! I can't believe that I haven't been able to post a single one this month yet. Busy busy month indeed.

    Anyway, I spoke to doc sister about my condition so she told me exactly what it was. I have to go do some research on round ligament pain and sacroiliac pain. (That's a mouthful)

    Preggie mummies and mummies to be out there, do you have pain like what I described? 

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    1. Hi Janice, thanks for sharing. Yeah so crazy painful right? I couldn't walk properly for weeks and even now, I really have to take it slow. You should try some maternity support belts/bands for the back pain. It might help. You can read about the ones that I use in my recent posting.

      Take care of yourself and good luck! I am on my last few weeks as I am not 36 weeks!