Monday 28 September 2015

Sunday Laughs: Really Sleepy Baby

I really got to share this with everyone as it has never happened before. Hubby and I were a bit worried at first, but I guess he was just very tired. Too much excitement and not enough rest.

Chapati woke up yesterday morning looking a little grumpy. As with most days, he would follow me right out of the bedroom to the kitchen for breakfast. He seemed a little clingy and would not let go of his soft toy caterpillar (which doubles as a bolster now) and didn't seem to enthusiastic about having breakfast. After calling him a few times to come into the kitchen, he kind of responded in his normal "eh" (his universal word for everything and anything. He is still not talking!) I walked out and found him standing outside in the hallway looking like this.

Just looking at me and hugging his multi- coloured caterpillar

I turned around and called him to come into the kitchen again and he decided to sit down and suck his thumb.

I then decided to pick him up and put him in his high chair to try and feed him. I started to prepare his cereal when I noticed him nodding off on the chair!

He then promptly fell asleep on the chair

I just couldn't resist taking a video of the moment! Ha ha ha!

Finally I decided to put him out of his misery and take him back to bed to sleep properly. Sleep tight baby boy! Smuack!

Has any of you other Mummies and Daddies experienced this before? I would love to know your sleepy stories!

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