Monday 7 September 2015

Saving Kitty

A teaching moment for Chapati about animals.

This is the second time that Hubby and I have rescued a kitten. Whilst coming back from breakfast last Sunday, we were driving and suddenly Hubby had to step on the brakes quite hard as 2 kittens were running in the middle of a very busy road. He quickly pulled over the car and ran to pick up the kitten that had literally crouched frozen in the middle of the road. The kitten was really fierce and scared. It was scratching, hissing and growling away and Hubby could hardly hold on to it. The other one managed to run to the other side of the road. Then we saw another little kitty huddled on our side of the road and we quickly drove towards it and I jumped out, picked it up and put it in my vomit bucket. (hehehe... I have been keeping this bucket lined with plastic bags since the vomiting started so it was conveniently available) 

We decided to bring it home and later find a good home for it because we can't keep any cats. Skip and Christmas are cat haters unfortunately. Skip looks at the kitten like its a sausage that he can't wait to get his teeth into, plus with his devil looking eyes... (Brrr....makes my blood run cold.)

This is what Kitty looks like very cute little fella but we didn't  know how to tell if its male or female. (Nothing very obvious when we turned Kitty over) Based on the explanation from Mr Google below, Kitty is a boy.

If your cat is female, you'll find her genital opening (vulva) immediately below her anus, and it will be in the shape of a vertical slit. If your cat ismale, his genital opening (penis) will be a noticeable distance from his anus – about ½ inch in kittens and 1 inch in adults – and will be a rounded shape.

The little cutie-pie a little scared and is hiding at the corner of the box that we put him in.

A little more adventurous after a while and decided to try and climb out.

He managed to get his head to the top of the box

Finally one paw out!

It is the first time that Chapati has ever seen a baby cat and he was amused! It was also an opportunity for us to teach him about animals, how to be gentle and compassionate. We also wanted to teach him how to handle animals in and not be afraid of them. So far his experience has only been with doggies.

Too often we see children (and adults) ill treat animals, are extremely afraid of them or are indifferent to them. We didn't want that for our children. So we spent a little time every morning and evening for a few days holding Kitty and telling him to pat gently and "sayang". We also let Kitty roam around a little and play as kittens do. End result? He wasn't afraid and even carried Kitty gently. So we think that the message got across quite well!

Here's a cool slo-mo video of him trying to put Kitty gently in his blue bath ladle! Enjoy!

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