Saturday 5 September 2015

Our Consultation Appt. with Obstetrician & Gynaecologist - Dr Tan Ee Ping

We completed our first appointment with Dr Tan Ee Ping last couple of days and for the first time both Hubby and I felt really comfortable and happy after a visit to the doctor!!

When I first arrived at Pantai Hospital Cheras and registered myself, I felt like the process was a little disorganised. Nurses everywhere and if you were a first time patient you wouldn't know where to go. So I just stopped one of the nurses and told her about my appointment. She then promptly registered me and asked us to wait until we are called.

I realised a couple of things with seeing doctors nows-a-days. Firstly they don't give you an appointment time. If their consultation hours are between 3-5 pm then you turn up, register and wait your turn. So I decided to ask the nurse how many patients were there before me and she said that I was No.5 (not too bad I thought...) So we waited. I remember with Chapati, we were given and appointment time and waiting was no more than 20 minutes or so. Secondly the prices were not so different from a year and the half ago but it seems that a lot more people are having babies or the standard of service has dropped. I mean the reason we go to a private hospital is so that we don't have to wait too long right?

After about 15 minutes or so a nurse called me to do the preliminaries, ie. urine test, weigh-in, blood pressure and medical history. So I took the chance to find out more information on Dr Tan. She has her own clinic in Sri Kembangan called Klinik Pakar Wanita & Kanak Kanak CT. She is only in Pantal Hospital Cheras every Wednesday from 3-5 pm. I of course took the opportunity to ask her what where the difference in going to the clinic and seeing the doctor here in Pantai. It was music to my ears to hear her say that it was much cheaper and their ultrasound machine there was more technologically advanced! Consultation there is around RM 80 compared to Pantai which starts RM120. However...she was quick to caution that the wait at the clinic was Loooooong! On weekends it could go to 3-4 hours! (Yikes!) What about weekdays I asked her? She said it depends but not much better. Something to think about...Time vs Cost. Anyway, her assessment was complete and she asked me to wait to see the doctor.

When I first saw Dr Tan she seemed professional and a little cold when she asked me what I was here to see her for. So I quickly explained that I was pregnant and was looking for a doctor. I briefly gave her some background on my first pregnancy and after I had finished, I was surprised that she actually took some time to explain to me quite a few things. I realised that she is actually a very down to earth and warm person. (Surprise, surprise...) After she had finished she actually asked about Chapati and how he was doing. (More surprise) She gave us some advice about milk, food and how to help Chapati become a little more independent. She then proceeded to scan baby#2.

Everyone, meet baby#2 a.k.a bump (for the time being until something better comes up)
It's official, bump is a boy!

So much for the pregnancy being totally different this time around. Everyone was guessing girl. Well, they were wrong. Hubby then said, "Aiya, we just have to try for another one" of which I didn't say anything. If it was anything like this pregnancy, I will think 10 times first...

It was a little pathetic that the ultrasound machine at Pantai Hospital doesn't print out pictures of the scan for parents to keep. I had to take this picture with my phone camera. After taking the pictures, Dr Tan spent a little more time listening to my grouses about not being able to eat well and gave me more advice. She also answered a few more of my questions and then we left.

So here is the breakdown of the bill.

Admin Fee                                                            = RM 5
Consultation and Assessment (including scan)    = RM 127.20
Multi Vitamins (Elepro - 30 days, 1 pill a day)    = RM 14
Grand Total                                                         = RM 146.20

Pretty ok for first time consultation. I find that most doctors charge a little more than that for first time consultation. Around RM 180.

So we left the hospital pretty happy and satisfied with our experience. Hubby even said that she seemed like a very down to earth doctor and we both seemed to be able to connect pretty well. So we are settled and will continue to see her for Bump. I also thought it would be nice for a change to try a female doctor.

The only question now is, see her in Pantai or at her Clinic? I think I will try her Clinic once to see what the experience is like and then decide.

Have a great weekend everyone!


  1. Did you go to the clinic in the end?

    1. Hi ROTI,

      Yes, I did. You can read about my subsequent visits to her clinic in Sri Kembangan. You can read about them in the following links.

      Are you looking for a doctor too? I am on my last leg already. Another 2 weeks or so! Good luck to you!