Friday 11 September 2015

My New himmel Food Dehydrater V3

I am so excited! We just bought a Korean import himmel brand food dehydrator last Sunday during the Home Improvement & Renovation Expo at the Mid Valley Exhibition Centre! So much possibilities!

They showed us how we could make healthy home made dried snacks made out of fruits like red dragon fruit, apples, pears, oranges and pineapple. Not to mentioned vegetable chips and what everyone usually buys from the supermarkets potato chips! On top of that you could make your own yoghurt and powders! Elsa the sales person even suggested that we could make our own puree baby food for travelling.

I was totally sold on owning one and Hubby was pretty amused just watching me fawn over the machine. So we decided to purchase the V3 model dehydrator which is the newest and bigger model at RM 2,099. Then we added RM 1 to get the additional trays, fruit leather and tupperware set. It is also fantastic that you can op for a 12 month interest free payment which means that the repayment every month is only RM 175.

I feel that the company provides pretty good after sales service as their sales people will come over to your home personally to teach you and help you on using the machine. They also provide support on Facebook where owners can share or ask questions. On top of that they also help to provide recipes, guidelines and more ideas to experiment with.

These are the boxes before the opening ceremony! The additional box on the right is the additional trays, fruit leather and tupperware set that came with it. 

I managed to secure an appointment with Elsa on Tuesday night at 7.30 pm. She turned up right on time and we dove straight into the preparation. She helped to unpack the machine and set it up, then proceeded to cut the apples, pears and zucchini that I had bought. (She very kindly agreed to be my model for the pictures)

Ta-da! After set up and turning on the power.

Some tips that she shared was while cutting the apples, we could prepare a solution of mild salt water to avoid the apple turning brown. On top of that, we could also soak the zucchini in sea salt water to give it some flavour.

We piled it all into 6 trays and put on the timer for 11 hours at 70°C so that it will be ready early tomorrow morning!

The end result was yummy and chewy fruits! I will have to experiment more to get them to look prettier. Now the shape not so nice and the edges are very curled and crinkled.

Can't wait to try other vegetables and fruits! Not to mention, fruit rolls and chewy fruit candy!

If you are interested in purchasing the dehydrator, you can always give a Elsa a call. She is wonderful and will come over to see you and show you all the stuff that it can do! Her number is 017-2352828. Just tell her you got her number from me! Or you can also message her on her FB at Elsa's FB profile.


  1. Hello,

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    1. Hi Jelina,

      Thank you for dropping by my little space here and commenting on my posting. Yes I do love my dehydrator very much. Recently I have added fruit rolls to my children's diet. I treat it like candy but with all the wholesome natural goodness of fruits!

      Do connect with me on if you need me to share and I would be happy to do so.

      Happy dehydrating!