Wednesday 16 September 2015

Confinement Food Catering Reviews

I am now into my second stage of my do-it-yourself confinement planning. Ie.  No confinement lady or staying in a confinement home and hopefully saving a monster load of money.  Earlier this month, Hubby and I decided that we would  look after baby#2 on our own.

I finally managed to collate together the responses that I got from my enquiries.

SN Confinement Care Centre

I clicked on their meal delivery service tab and there wasn't much information on it. So I decided to send an email to them via the email listed on their contacts page. I thought of calling but I wanted to have information in writing anyway so email it was.

I received a response pretty quickly on the same day. (Note: When sending enquiries about meal delivery, do send them your location as well, which I forgot to do) So here it is.

Total Cost: RM 3,500
Duration: 28 days
If  I am interested in shorter periods they can do 14 days at RM 2,000 and 21 days at RM 2,900.  

Delivery Charge: Price includes delivery

Lunch and Dinner meals consists of the following per day:-
  • 2 types of meat (one for each meal)
  • 2 types of vegetables (one for each meal)
  • Brown rice (enough for two meals) 
  • 1 liter of Red Dates drink
  • 1 x Herbal Soup 

Food tasting: They charge RM 80 if you would like to order a meal to taste. Delivery is included in the price. You will have to choose either lunch or dinner. If you want to try both then the cost will be RM 120

Payment Terms: 30% deposit upon confirmation and balance payment upon first meal delivery.

Exceptions: They do not deliver during Chinese New Year (CNY). I believe from the email response that it starts from the 1st day of CNY to the 10th day of CNY. Therefore if you were to pay for 28 days then they will deliver the replacement meals after CNY to complete the 28 days duration.

Hampden Wellness

Most of the information on their confinement food services was available on their website.

Total Cost: RM 2,500
Duration: 28 days
If I am interested in a shorter period they, only do 14 days at RM 1,350

Delivery Charge: RM 15 per day (to my area in Cheras)
(Note: You will have to write to them to get the exact cost of delivery depending on your area)

Lunch and Dinner meals consist of the following per day:-
  • 2 meat
  • 2 vegetables
  • 1 herbal soup
Food tasting: They charge RM 90 if you would like to order a meal to taste. However on top of that they quoted me RM 8 to deliver the meal to my office (located in the KL golden triangle) You will get the following for the food tasting.
  • 2 meats 
  • 2 vegetables
  • 1 herbal soup
Payment Terms: They seemed to be quite flexible with the payment terms. They do not require any deposit but just full payment before they start to deliver. 

Preparation Timing: 2 working days before the start of the delivery. So best to call them and inform them when labour starts.


They do not deliver on public holidays and weekends (both Saturday and Sunday).
The meals to do not include rice or the red dates drink.
They will not deliver during the 8th -10th of February 2016 for the CNY period

Confinement Care Malaysia

I filled up their online enquiry form and waited for about a week. When I didn't get a reply from them, I decided to call the hotline number and spoke to a guy named Dave. He was very helpful and promised that he would send me information via email if I could send him a text message of my email address. After waiting a couple of days and receiving nothing, I called him again and finally got the email as promised. There seems to something wrong with their online enquiry form as he mentioned that my email had gone to the spam/junk mail folder. (I thought this was strange as strangers are going to write to you as it is an online enquiry form!) 

Total Cost: RM 3,888
Duration: 28 days
They can also do 14 days at RM 2,688

Current Promotion: RM 3,388 for 28 days and RM 2,188 for 14 days

  • 2 meats (chicken/fish/pork)
  • Vegetables 
  • Brown rice
  • 1.5 L red dates drink
  • 1 herbal tonic soup 

Delivery Charge: Price includes delivery

Delivery Time: 11.30 am - 1 pm


They do not have any! Which is great! They will deliver during weekends and even Public Holidays like Chinese New Year which I was very surprised as everyone else has said that they would not. 

Payment Terms: Upon confirmation, I will have to pay RM 1,000 as a deposit to secure my slot. As they have limited slots and if the slots are filled up then they will not accept anymore orders.

A little hard to do a fair comparison as we are not exactly comparing apples to apples here. I will have to go find out the approximate cost of making my own red dates tea and rice.

Will stop by Eu Yan Sang when I do my grocery shopping next.


  1. Hello Madam! Dr Ooi here from Serenity Confinement Centre. Thank you for reviewing our centre in your previous post. I would just like to inform you that we have started our Confinement Nutritional Packages as well as our stay-in options. Do check out our Facebook page for the package details if you're interested!

    1. Thank you Dr Ooi, will check out your Confinement Nutritional Packages.

  2. Hi, may i know which caterer you chose at the end and how was it? I'm looking for one too. Thank you!

    1. Hi there Michelle! Thank you for dropping by my blog! I actually went to a confinement center in the end. You can read about it all in my blog in the following links. Do connect with me via email at if you need anymore sharing! I would be more than happy!

      I am now finishing the final part of my review for Yuan Yuan! Looking after two kids now and working full time is really busy and challenging!

      If you are interested to read about other confinements centers. I also did reviews on a few other that I visited. You can read them from the links below.

      Hope that helps! Take care and do visit often ya.