Monday 21 September 2015

2nd Consultation Appt. with Obstetrician & Gynaecologist - Dr Tan Ee Ping

These last two and the half weeks have been a tad chaotic due to changes in schedules for trips and doctor's appointment! Arrgh!

NOTE to self: Key in appointments immediately once they are changed/confirmed and to double check and reconfirm dates rather than assume that they are unchanged. 

Anyway, got to give some credit to her nurses as they sent a reminder sms message yesterday informing me that I have appointment to see her. So we rushed through the morning preparations and went straight to the clinic because if I don't go, I will not see her until sometime mid-October as she and her whole clinic will be on long leave. I also wanted to see her soonest because we will be leaving for our holiday in Phuket later this week. 

It is my second consultation with her, but my first time to her clinic CT Woman & Specialist Clinic in Sri Kembangan. You can read about my first experience with her in my earlier post. 

I was pleasantly surprised when I walked into the clinic. The atmosphere was relaxed, pleasant and cooling. I was a little hot and bothered after being so disorganised but when I walked in, her bevy of capable nurses were excellent. They were so smiley, friendly and extremely efficient. No wishy washy questions or funny looks even though they couldn't find my file and within minutes I was registered and my file was created asap! I was patient No. 10. Best registration experience so far and I immediately felt calm and strangely reassured. 

Straight after registration, I was asked to weigh in and I am now 65.7 kilos! Gee, the 5 kilos sure came back pretty quickly. It kinda just snuck up without me even noticing it. I waited for another 10 minutes and I was called to see the nurse. She proceeded to inform me clearly that they were going to be on leave and if I had any emergencies, I could call the 24 hour hotline which she highlighted on my appointment card and then proceeded to take my blood pressure and blood samples for the normal pregnancy testing, then I went to toilet to get a urine sample. 

About 10 minutes after passing my urine sample to the nurse, I was called again to the Ultrasound room to get a scan. The nurse there apologised to me that their sonographer was on leave today and that the person will do a proper scan on my next visit. So this scan was a simple scan to check weight and size of head of Bump and measure amniotic fluid. After the scan, Hubby had arrived after sending off Chapati and we waited hardly another 10 minutes when we were called to see the doctor. All in all, the wait was pretty reasonable which was about 1 hour and it was hardly noticeable because of all the things that I had to do. 
The consultation went well. I asked her about my current bout of urinary incontinence when I vomit or cough and assured me that it is very common among pregnant women. For the moment she recommends a lot of pelvic/kegel exercises and if it gets worse we'd deal with it then. I told her that I was coughing this last few days and it was uncomfortable leaking every time it happens. She then did a second scan and printed two photos of Bump. However, this time he was a little shy so we could not really get a nice clear shot.

Hello everyone! Today at 20 weeks, 5 days and weighing in at 386 grams.

I also mentioned to her that I was going to be travelling to Phuket for a holiday and if there was anything that I needed to be concerned with. She said that the pregnancy was progressing well and she will just issue a simple letter for me saying that I am fit to travel. Then she asked about my supplements and I told her that I would need some, so she said that she would issue me with more multivitamins, DHA tablets, calcium and some cough mixture to help suppress the cough. We didn't have anymore questions so we completed the visit and proceeded to wait for the bill. 

I was quite unprepared for the bill amount this time because of my last experience with her at Pantai Hospital. I knew that I would have to pay more because of the blood work but it was significantly more this time.  So here is the breakdown of my bill:-

Consultation Fee        = RM 80
Pharmacy                   = RM 144
Laboratory                 = RM 70
Ultrasound                 = RM 50
Others                        = RM 10         
Total                          = RM 354

I assume the "Others" could be the admin fee or registration fee, will see if it pops up again next visit,  or it could be the urine test. If it is, then it is more expensive than Pantai Hospital or Prince Court Hospital. Laboratory was for the blood tests.

Consultation and Ultrasound charges were comparable to Pantai Hospital. The additional amount paid at Pantai was for the 6% GST.

As the bill was more than double from my previous bill,  I kinda dissected the bill  with her nurse as I was surprised my medicine and supplement charge was so high. I was prescribed the following:-
  • Multi-vitamins - Elepro Multivitamins Supplement for pregnant women - 30 days supply
  • DHA blister packs - Belvea 35 days supply
  • Calcium supplements tablets - 30 days supply
  • 1 bottle of cough syrup -  Axcel Iridin Linctus
  • Antihistamine - Xyzal - 5 tablets
The most expensive supplement was the DHA which the nurse told me is RM75 for 35 tabs! Nearly fainted! But then even deducting RM 75 from RM 144 leaves RM 69 for the rest of the medicines and supplements which I thought was still pricey considering that the multi-vitamins only cost RM 14 for 30 days supply. So deducting RM 14 from RM 69, the rest of the medicines were RM 55! Calcium, cough syrup and 1 strip of antihistamines for RM 55? I am feeling like I paid a lot more and was complaining a little to Hubby. I won't know for sure until I check out the meds and supplements at BIG and Caring pharmacy.

I am sure that there is a better and more cost effective way to go about pregnancy supplements? Will have to do more research but do share if you have any suggestions and ideas! I would love to hear them in the comments!

P/S Today was the first time that I could feel Bump move! 

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