Tuesday 1 September 2015

Planning For My Do-It-Yourself Confinement

I was thinking again about how I was going to handle my confinement period when baby#2 arrives. It is going to be the most expensive time of the year and calculating the cost of baby#2 will probably fall in a few major costs:-
  1. Normal Vaginal Delivery + Circumcision (from Chapati's experience) - RM 8,000
  2. Pre-natal check ups - RM 150 per check up, so approximately RM 2,000 for all the check ups leading to the birth.
  3. Confinement Home Stay - RM 10,221 (inclusive of CNY surcharge)
Just on these few things, I would be spending about RM 20, 000 by the first month baby #2 is born! Previously with Chapati, we hired a confinement lady for 2 months and spent probably about the same amount. But we have done this before and I believe that this time around with a little careful planning, lessons learnt from my first confinement period and some creative solutions, we can save a lot of money to put towards other things.  So I am thinking we DIY my confinement period this time around. When I first thought about it, it was a rather daunting prospect.

I decided to go to my mother first who suggested that I could ask my aunty to help me. She would also then pitch in where necessary but this would require me to stay in my parent's adjoining apartment as I did for Chapati's confinement. I had already decided that it was either I stay in a confinement centre or my own home. And if I decided to DIY my confinement then home is where I want to be. I remember missing my bed, the familiarity of my things and my doggies. Anyway, I really don't want to put too much on Mum because it would be very tiring for her and knowing the person that she is, she would go all out 150% when helping me and it may be worse for her physcially and mentally healthwise. I would love for her to just enjoy her grandchildren when they arrive instead of being stressed out and tired. :)

Then a brief conversation with Mum in-law recently did not spark anymore confidence when she pointed out in her care and concern that it was going to be extremely difficult. I decided not to prolong the conversation, and told her we will think of something and let her know/discuss with her our plans.

So I put my thinking cap on and the biggest challenge to me is food, specialty confinement food. If I wanted to eat the Chinese way, it would involve a lot of herbs and specific dos and don'ts. Anything else I think I can handle.
  • I plan to breastfeed baby#2 exclusively for the 1st month 
  • I am happy to touch water and shower everyday. I think I can always get pre-packed herbal baths herbs and do it myself
  • I am more experienced now and can handle bathing and changing diapers easily for baby #2. After all how often do you shower baby? Once a day...ok changing diapers maybe a lot more but it's definitely manageable
  • House cleaning - Part time cleaners                                        
So since food is my biggest challenge, I got to work and started looking around for confinement food catering services. Found the following straight off the web and will be making inquiries with them.
  1. Confinement Care Malaysia
  2. SHL Confinement Cares
  3. SN Nanny
  4. Hampden Wellness
  5. Pretty Mommy Confinement Soups
I already know about Moms2b and Care Nanny in my previous blog posting which you can read about here Moms2b and Care Nanny. Care Nanny charges RM 3800 for 30 days and I  don't really intend to go back to Moms2b. 

Anyway, I hope to receive more information from the few places soon and will update soonest when I have them all to compare.

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