Monday 9 November 2015

Confinement Food Planning - Eu Yan Sang Post Natal Package

Hubby suggested that we go and check out the Eu Yan Sang Post Natal package as we saw them during the last baby fair at Midvalley. The promotion was that if we purchased their confinement package, it would include a free bottle of Post-natal Wine. It was a pretty good deal but when we checked the expiry dates of the products, it was sometime early 2016. So we thought that it would probably be better if we went to the stores to find out more and purchase fresher products. It was rather difficult to get much information during the fair as there were so many people thronging the booth.

So off we went to the Eu Yan Sang store and we choose the one that is located inside the AEON Maluri shopping centre. The good thing was, if we purchased anything from there, we can claim the AEON points using our AEON member card and with the AEON points you can claim rebates as well in the form of cash vouchers to be used if you purchase anything from AEON stores. (Yay! Save more money since we have to buy stuff anyway!)

After doing my research on confinement catering, we decided to attempt the cooking ourselves. Here are the list of things that we bought from Eu Yan Sang.

First of all they have the special Post-Natal Care Package (I call it "Basic" because it's the so called minimum that we should be taking during the confinement period) The cost of this package if RM 608 as an Eu Yan Sang Member. By the way, all preggy mummies get a free membership automatically! (Yay! One of the many benefits of being pregnant! Just fill in a form and you are in!)

I copied this directly from their website.

The Post-Natal Care Package will provide you with the key requirements for notification (hahahaha! I think they meant to write "tonification") during confinement.

1. Sheng Hua Soup (1 pack) 
2. Gold Label Pak Foong Pill (1 pack) 
3. So Hup Pill (2 boxes) 
4. Du Zhong Bu Yao Soup (2 packs) 
5. Shi Quan Da Bu Soup (2 packs) 
6. Ba Zhen Soup (2 packs) 
7. Dang Gui Nan Zao Nourishing Soup (4 packs) 
8. Dangshen & Red Dates Qi Nourishing Tea (10 packs) 

As these are the basic stuff, I decided to go on to purchase the extended range of soups and some cooking herbs for my food needs. Here is the list of other things that I bought based on their recommendation:-

Soups & Tea
  • Ning Shen Soup (5 packs)
  • Ginseng Soup (4 packs)
  • Superior Herbal Soup (4 packs)
  • Dangshen & Red Dates Tea (20 packs)
  • Post-Natal Wine (2 bottles)
  • American Ginseng (2 boxes - 40g per box)
Direct consumption
And finally 1 box of Herbal Bath (10 packs inside for 10 days) 

The grand total =  RM 1,554.45

It is quite comforting to know that EYS will give you a calendar of what soup to drink during your confinement so that you just follow it easily even for a "banana" like me. I can't for the life of me, remember which chinese herb is for what. On top of that, I can always refer back to the store assistants on how to cook/use the herbs that I bought. They were all very accommodating and helpful!

I will be "test" cooking some of these soups so that I know what they will taste like. My next step is to plan my entire month menu so that I don't have to think about what to cook on the day. Just prep and put into my special Sharp cooker, crock pot, stove double boilers...etc.

Oh, I forgot to mention that they also allowed me to pay for all the herbs but collect it nearer to my delivery time! Yay! Save cupboard/ refrigerator space and I also get fresher products. Worked out really well for me!

I am wondering how do you other Mummies go about your DIY confinement planning?


  1. Hi, do they have a schedule for you to follow as to which soup to consume first and so on?

    1. Hi there! Thanks for dropping by my little space here. Yes, if you purchase their confinement package they have a calendar which they will give you to let you know what is suggested for which period during the confinement. It is actually pretty good! You can choose to follow all or just some as there is options for you. All the best! Do connect with me at if there is any other sharing that you need. You can also connect with me on Facebook at