Monday, 23 November 2015

Excruciating And Agonising Pregnancy Leg Cramps!

I got woken up really early this morning with a slight pulling on my right calf muscle and within 2 seconds it was a full blown cramp! I quickly pulled back my foot and lo behold, suddenly the top part and the arch of my foot also started cramping! I screamed really loudly and starting crying for Hubby to help me as the pain radiated all the way up to my hamstring and gluteal muscles. Tears were just streaming down my face as we tried to push and pull alternatively to relieve my leg. I think it was a good 2 minutes before the pain subsided and the minute Hubby let go of my leg, it went into spasms again and I screamed and cried anew! He had to grab my foot again to push and pull alternatively whilst massaging my calf as I cried and cried. It really hurt like hell! (I am now 29 weeks pregnant)

Poor little Chapati also woke up and was wondering what the fuss was about. Hubby kept telling him that Mama is in a lot of pain...He stared at me for a little while and sat there waiting quietly as if he knew that something was wrong. After about another minute or two, it subsided and Hubby gently lowered both my legs and helped me to sit up on the side of the bed. I didn't dare lie down again as my leg still hurt and it felt like it was going to go into another cramp at anytime. I limped to the kitchen to boil some water to fill my hot water bottle as I wanted to put some warmth on my leg to relieve the pain. When I limped back into the bedroom both Hubby and little Chapati were tucked under the duvet snoring gently! (Men..!) The hot water bottle therapy helped to relax all the muscles in my right leg and after about 15 minutes or so, I was much better. The pain residue is now only along my foot arch and top of my foot where it joins my shin.

I am now using my reusable microwaveable hot/cold pack which I recently purchased from BIG Pharmacy in Damansara Utama recently. It is a life saver! It has helped relieve my lower back aches and recurring cramps lately. I am so pleased that bought it and the price tag of RM 13.80 is so good value in terms of quality and use. It comes with a clear plastic pouch for you to carry the pack and soft toweling cover which is also included in the price. I have bought more expensive ones before which were double the price and they were no where near as nice as this one.

A pregnant Mama's best friend

I quickly did some research as well on some stretches to avoid leg cramps and will try these out diligently from now on before going to sleep at night. Definitely do not want to relive my experience this morning.

Standing wall calf stretch

Sitting calf and foot stretch

 Inner thigh stretch

 Buttock stretch

Thigh stretch

How do you handle your leg cramps and how do you prevent them? Please share your tips!


  1. good luck with your delivery :) stumbled upon your blog while googling for Dr. Tan Ee Ping... have been considering gentle/hypnobirth and apparently she is an advocate for that! (But I also came across your blog when I was reading up on confinement centres as well...)

    1. Hey thanks! Yes she is, I actually got the recommendation to see her from the FB Group when I was still looking for a doctor. If you are not already part of the group do join it as you can read up, get feedback and experience from other Mummies. How far along are you? When are you due? Hope it all goes well with you and you found the reviews on the confinement centres helpful. :)

  2. Will be 12 weeks tomorrow! Today was my first obgyn visit with Dr Tan. The ultrasound scan machine they have at their clinic I s definitely more canggih and higher resolution than the previous clinic I went to. And I concur, it's charges are a tad expensive. Saw you booked to go to confinement home :) I went to visit a few places Nejlika and Gina's place but now to square one, to get a stay in confinement lady...

    1. Awesome! You are now officially into your 2nd trimester! I just went for my doctor's appointment last Wednesday. Maybe we will bump into each other soon! Yes, I decided to go a confinement home. My first baby I had a confinement lady for 2 months! Didn't want the hassle of a possible bad CL choice. :) Do drop me a note on We should connect on FB!