Friday 4 December 2015

4th Consultation Appt. with Obstetrician & Gynaecologist - Dr Tan Ee Ping

I am now 29 weeks pregnant and earlier this week, I went for my follow up appointment at CT Women & Child Specialist Clinic. I actually missed my original appointment date the week before and this was the earliest available date after that.

It was a very eventful day because I had a prior pre-natal appointment at KKIA Cheras where I had to do my MOGTT test (Glucose Tolerance Test) and Hubby got into a really bad car accident with Chapati, I only made it to the to the clinic at about noon compared to my first appointment at the clinic where I arrived at about 9 ish and my second time  when I reached there at about 10 ish. Both times I spent more than 2 hours there. This time, I finished everything within 1 hour! It was awesome! I wonder if I should try this timing again for my next appointment? So much time saved!

It was generally uneventful, I weighed in at 69.5 kilos and I spent some time complaining to Doc about my sacroiliac joint pain and leg cramps. Since my last posting, I am so thankful that my round ligament doesn't hurt anymore but somehow the pain in my sacroiliac joint hasn't gone away and some days are quite bad. She suggested some exercises and in particular to start using a gym ball. She said to sit on it and gyrate, gyrate, gyrate until the pain goes away???? The other thing to do is go to the pool. According to Doc, she says that when she was pregnant she would go into the pool and not want to come out for a few hours.  With regards to the legs cramps, I am glad to say that with the stretching, I only had 2 near cramps in the early morning which I managed to ease on my own without screaming for Hubby to help.

My scans were good, amniotic fluid good, umbilical cord good and Bump has even turned with his head down already.

Hi everyone! I am now 1.6 kilos! It's harder to take a good photo now due to my size and position.

I decided not to buy any vitamins this round as I already have a stash at home from the KKIA and my vitamin shopping at BIG pharmacy last month. Thanks to a wonderful person there (You know who you are! Hugs!) She also gave me samples of prenatal vitamins enough to last me at least one month!

So here is my cheapest bill yet since I started seeing Dr Tan.

Consultation Fee        = RM 80
Ultrasound                 = RM 40
Total Bill                   = RM 120

As I was about to leave the clinic, I realised that I didn't get a photo of Bump. So I went to the Ultrasound room and asked if I could get a photo of him. I told her sonographer that it was strange I didn't a photo. It was then that she told me, patients usually get charged RM10 for a photo! That was news to me indeed. I told her that I don't remember getting charged for a photo. So I asked her if she could print a photo for me without charging me and she said yes! (Ask and you shall receive indeed!)

Now I have figured out what the charges for "Others" were when I went to the clinic for the first time! It was for a print out of Bump! But I didn't get charged for it when I went there in October. Hmm...I guess it must be a discretionary charge. Depending on how how Doc feels on that particular day. I will be sure to ask the next time I get a print out of Bump.

It was eventful day indeed because as I mentioned earlier, Hubby and Chapati got into a really bad accident in the morning. He was driving to drop Chapati off at my in-laws place and he was passing through an area with MRT works. Somehow or another, the road barrier strayed to the middle of the road and the car in front of him swerved hard to avoid it. Hubby couldn't change lanes so he stopped the car, next thing you know...BAM! It was a 3 car pile up. Chapati was in his car seat at the back seat! Poor fella must have been wondering what happened.

The aftermath...this is what the back of his car looked like. The car that hit him was pretty damaged too and his airbags actually deployed! The stupid road barriers that MRT Corp uses for their construction site and carelessly left in the middle of the road. Any other country and MRT Corp would have been sued for negligence and millions of dollars!

Sigh, now the inconvenience and hassle of a police report, insurance & repairs, not to mention having one car between the both of us???!!

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