Thursday 17 December 2015

November 2015 Expenditures

This is my first time ever recording our family's expenditures in a month and  sharing it for everyone to see. I am really interested to see what were the things that we spent money on and how we can be more efficient, prudent and frugal in the months to come. I am still getting used to recording every single "sen" that we spend. It is quite a task tracking and recording everything down. Please note that this is just our spending and excludes utilities, fixed monthly payments like insurance, home mortgage and other debt repayments.

I found that as an "expense tracking virgin" asking for a receipt every time I buy something really helps because I can then take the stack of receipts out at the end of the day or (days sometimes) and record it properly. It's either that or I develop the discipline to record it all down at the end of everyday.

Hopefully I should be able to do it faster next month. Anyway here it is!

Amount (RM)
Yuan Yuan Confinement Home
This was a deposit for me to stay in a confinement home when baby #2 arrives
Hubby’s Clothes & Personal Shopping
This was Hubby’s once in a purple moon shopping spree and he really needed new pairs of pants, shirts & a new wallet
Pregnancy Belly Support
I bought these to help alleviate my round ligament and sacroiliac joint pain. Bought them at 20% off from Lazada!
Stretchy Dresses
Broke my clothes buying ban in November as I needed something more accommodating to my growing belly.  Clothes buying ban restarting!
For both our cars. It’s my daily commute to work, whilst Hubby moves around quite a bit
Kids Clothes
Chapati was out growing a lot of his stay-at-home clothes and my MIL was asking us to get some. We bought like 10 sets of shorts & t-shirt and 4 sets of long sleeves & long pants for sleeping. CHEAP! Plus it’s going to be handed down to baby #2
3 bags of diapers for Chapati
Kid’s Foam Play Mat
We are doing up the house to have an kids play area, so we invested in a play mat
Toddler Sense Classes
4 classes for Josh at Baby Sensory
Baby Laundry Detergent
4 bottles in preparation for baby#2’s arrival
We have been trying to cook and eat at home more often.
Eating Out
We hope to reduce this expense in the near future
Home maintenance
Hubby managed to replace our master bedroom tap and our living room LED downlights by himself.  Our room air was leaking water so had someone repair it.
Home Cleaning
Our weekly cleaner who helps to keep our home clean & tidy
Electric mosquito traps
Hubby bought 2 online
Small items
2 book straps for the playground, jelly moulds, soy sauce bottle, apple corer, hot/cold pack
Angpow for Mum’s birthday and small gifts for a friend who is unwell and one who was in hospital
Hubby’s cholesterol pills & prenatal Vitamins
Produced by homeschooling kids
Crazy huh? I can't imagine that it was so easy to spend RM6000 over on stuff. How was your expenditure last month?

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