Saturday, 9 January 2016

Pregnancy Support Bands aka Maternity Support Belts

This posting is so overdue! I finally manage to sit down and finish it. After seeing Dr Tan the last round in November, I decided to hunt around for some pregnancy support bands as she mentioned that it might help me to feel better when moving around.

I first saw the Carriwell Adjustable Velcro Support Belt in a maternity dress shop somewhere in Festival City Shopping Center in Setapak. It looked like this (I am using all the photos from the internet as I am a little shy to show my bulging tummy. Somehow doesn't look as good as these preggy women...)

I thought that the price of RM 79.00 was a little pricey for some bit of elastic band! 

I didn't buy it and instead decided to go home and do some research online. I typed in maternity support belts and then pregnancy support bands and the prices range from as cheap at RM 21 to nearly RM 300! How do you decide on what to buy? After a short discussion with Hubby I decided to narrow it down to something that is not too bulky and therefore would be more comfortable when wearing underneath my normal day to day clothes. You got to remember that with our weather here in Malaysia, a little extra bit of clothing can cause real discomfort and a lot of sweating when moving around. So after looking through all the pictures, I thought that the Carriwell Adjustable Velcro Support Belt and the Carriwell Seamless Maternity Support Band would serve my needs pretty well. So begin the hunt for a good bargain to buy both. 

This is what the Maternity Support Band looks like. (I thought it looked really comfortable)

After spending sometime on the internet, I think I managed to get a pretty good deal on Lazada which gave me a 20% discount on the total price for both types as it was my very first purchase from Lazada. Total price = RM 127.84 and it arrived within one week from ordering!

I found the Maternity Support Band to be extremely comfortable to use because the material breathes well and when worn under blouses and dresses doesn't show through. The support however I felt was of medium level only.

The belt on the other hand seems to provide a more firm support as it literally holds up your belly (like a belt that holds up your pants) but a little uncomfortable as it sits just between your growing belly and groin/pelvic area. So sitting down can be a pain as the belt pinches the area. My experience is never wear the belt on bare skin! I normally wear the belt on top of a pair of maternity pants or if I am wearing a dress, I will wear the band then the belt over the band.

Overall, it has definitely helped me to feel better when walking. It gives you the feeling of being "held in" instead of "all out" (Hahaha!) Just a little bit more work when you want to go to the toilet.

I would definitely recommend maternity support bands/belts for Mummies like me who's baby is bearing down and it feels like your "bottom" is about to drop out at anytime. It also helps to alleviate some of the round ligament and sacroiliac joint pain that I was experiencing. It also helped me with the lower back pain though the pain is still there, walking is not so unbearable.Not long now...36 weeks and counting...

Mummies do you use any maternity support? Which ones? 

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