Saturday 9 January 2016

5th Consultation Appt. with Obstetrician & Gynaecologist - Dr Tan Ee Ping

I am now 36 weeks preggy! I am so not ready to do this. I need more time! A friend of mine shared that her second pregnancy was also very different from her first. By the time she had come to terms with the actual pregnancy, it was already time for her to give birth. Seems like I am going through the same thing.

Anyway, I got to Dr Tan's Clinic at about 12.30 again and found the clinic full of people! The last time I pulled this stunt, there was only 2 other couples there. Anyway I registered and the nurse commented that Dr Tan only arrived at the clinic about 11 am at she was busy at the hospital delivering a baby. (Thank God, I didn't go earlier as I had my KKIA check up in the morning)

As usual, I took my weight and am now at 70 kgs. Then went to take my urine sample. I handed my cup to the nurse and then proceeded to sit down and wait. A little less than 5 minutes, the nurse called me and she didn't seem to happy. I went into the room and she said..."did you just eat?" I of course asked her why and she frowned and said that I had a positive result for sugar in urine! (Arrgh! No!...not a this late stage...) Anyway, I told her that I did just have an early lunch of kueh teow soup with meatballs just before coming here. She keep quite and looked a little unsure what to do. She said that during my last check up, my urine also had borderline trace sugar results. I told her that I didn't know that and she asked if anything was done the last time and I said no. So she told me just wait to see what doctor says when my turn comes.

Was I worried? Of course I was! I didn't want to develop gestational diabetes at this stage! This is when baby packs on the pounds and mummies with this condition tend to have bigger babies! I already feel like a little whale...

Anyway, I got called to go for the ultrasound and Hubby managed to turn up in time to see the scan. He is getting so big now that the scans were not so clear and he is now 2.5 kgs. Bump has really grown. They also took a vaginal swab to check for GBS (Group B Streptococcus) I seem to have a lot of more stuff this time around compared to my first pregnancy with Chapati. Tetanus jabs, GBS testing..etc. Praying that it will be negative.  

I didn't really have to wait that long to see doctor as the nurses were joking that Dr Tan was seeing patients at lighting speed due to her being late. I told her about my swollen vaginal area and when she checked, she said that I had a swollen blood vessel which might rupture during delivery. Casually she said that she would just have to patch me up. I gave her a look of horror and she then assured me that it was pretty common. Just bloody...extremely bloody but common. Her advice was to ice my vaginal area to bring down the swelling. (Told hubby about it and he asked if he could put ice cream! Naughty fella...) Then she also told me to be a little more careful with what I eat as my urine test was positive for sugar and I have to monitor my blood sugar levels for the next two weeks.

The clinic offered to loan me the glucose meter for free which I thought was wonderful until I asked them how much the test strips cost if I were to buy it from them. RM190! I got a bit of a shock. I don't know the first thing about glucose meters and their test strips but there was no way the glucose test strips would be that expensive right? When I commented that it was expensive, one of the nurses who was processing my bill, quietly said that it was expensive. So I decided to try and buy them on my own.

This is the free glucose meter that the clinic loaned me

So here is my bill for this visit. Once again, I did not buy vitamins from them.

Consultation Fee             = RM80
Laboratory                       = RM70
Radiology (Ultrasound)   = RM40
Total Bill                          = RM190 (ouch! payback for my previous cheap bill)

Not much longer now before Bump arrives!

I went to look for the test strips in quite a few different pharmacies and what do you know? None of them carry the strips that go with the meter that they loaned me. (Why am I not surprised?) So instead, my in-laws loaned me theirs, since they only have to check themselves once a week. They have a cool, portable, easy to use one and the strips only cost about RM40 per box of 25!

 ACCU-CHECK Performa

 Thanks heaps Mum & Dad!

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