Tuesday 19 January 2016

December 2015 Expenditures

I finally completed our December 2015 household expenditure report and we had already anticipated that we would be spending more due to our plans for home improvement and Christmas. I believe that we were already quite prudent with our spending and didn't go overboard with the presents and food. In fact, thanks to brother-in-law and sis who was home visiting from Qatar actually paid for our enjoyable and yummy Christmas Lunch at Gobo Chit Chat at the Traders Hotel. I got my turkey and other Christmas food! Love you guys.

Our eating out expenditure went up tremendously because of meet ups and gatherings for the Christmas season. One of hubby's school mate is actually moving his whole family down to Johor and this was the last few times to meet in KL. 

Fuel expenditure also went up as we made a short trip to Ipoh as Hubby's uncle finally lost his battle with cancer. We went there to be with his Aunt and other family members. Hubby's car was also involved in a dreadful pile up and until today, is still being repaired. He also sends and picks me from work and Chapati to his grandparents everyday. I think he averages over 120 km everyday. Not including time in traffic...etc. coupled with work. Love you heaps dear and thank you for doing this! I am now about 38 weeks pregnant and he doesn't want me to drive in case something happens. I am on my last two weeks before baby#2 arrives. 

I am still not very good at organising the categories and missed out some expenditures so it took quite a while to reconcile them. Here you go! 

Amount (RM)
Went to see Junn and gave her a little tip
Supply of food for 3!
Jungle Gym activity tickets bought in a group buy and Christmas Merry Go Round rides
Formula Milk
Chapati’s Stage 3 Milk
2 bags of diapers to put in Grandma’s house
Kids Toys
Hubby decided to buy in a number of trucks for the boys as he found them cheap in MR DIY. Slowly give as gifts over the year.
Baking Ingredients
I planned to do some baking for Christmas but it didn’t happen. Must use up the ingredients this two months.
Hubby’s and Chapati’s toothbrush looked a little blackish/greenish.
Didn’t eat much at home in December but we still spent money on groceries???
Eating Out
Sigh…Christmas dinners…outings with friends…drinks…nearly tripled this expenditure from last month. NOT GOOD! But Fun!
Home maintenance
We bought new storage solutions from Ikea as we are doing up our home DIY. Will show some before and after photos.
Home Cleaning
Cut grass and weekly cleaner 5X
Car maintenance
X-Trail major service and a tyre puncture repair.
We are using the gas guzzling 4 wheel drive as Hubby’s more fuel efficient car got into an accident. As of today still not back yet.
I used Grab Car quite a bit as we are down to 1 car. Mum was also hospitalized.
Weddings, Christmas presents for family, office gift exchange, children.
2 baby checkups and misc meds for Chapati and myself. I have bad acid reflux lately.
How did you do on your Christmas month? Did you overspend? 

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