Tuesday 4 August 2015

Baby#2 and Morning Sickness

Baby #2 is now nearly 14 weeks and well on the way after a check-up with my gynae about 2 weeks ago. Didn't get around to writing about it until today because, the only thing that is different this time around is the nausea, nausea and more nausea...and more nausea. That's just being polite... to be honest it should be shit, crap, hell on earth, downright depressing, bleak, nasty, absolutely horrible, dreadful...I am running out of words and don't even get me started on curse words.

Imagine having motion sickness or food poising (the symptoms are pretty similar) everyday from the time you wake up until the time you sleep. Yeah, really shit! Not being able to keep any food or water down and vomiting more than 5-6 times a day. Morning sickness for you! (I don't even know why they call it morning sickness, it was all day for me!)

I am now going to re-live the last 4-5 weeks though I would rather have amnesia about it. Not all bad considering that I think I am a slightly better and more compassionate person now.

  1. I now have a heck of a lot of RESPECT, COMPASSION and EMPATHY for Mummies out there who are going through the same thing. You really don't know how bad it can get unless you really experience how bad it is yourself. 
  2. I used to share with people how wonderful and sick free my first pregnancy was when they said that they had/are experiencing morning sickness. Can't believe how totally crass I was then, going on about how pregnancies are easy and wonderful...blah,blah,blah...I will NEVER EVER do that again. 
  3. I will learn to listen and offer words of comfort and support! 
  4. I will let them talk/cry/complain/lament about what they are going through and NOT JUDGE them.
  5. I will share with them my own journey and hope that it makes them feel that they are not ALONE.

First thing that happened to me was that every little smell felt like an ALL-OUT assault on my senses. Nearly every smell drove me to running to the toilet (or for a plastic bag) to vomit or caused me feel sicker for the rest of the day. The list of things that I couldn't bear is just endless. Even now 5 weeks later it is still endless.
  • Any kind of perfume
  • My doggies 
  • Antiseptic/antibacterial sprays, wash, hand wash, cleaner. The worse was the Euky Bear Eucalyptus Spray smell. A sniff would send me straight to the toilet no matter how I felt.
  • Chapati's baby talcum, baby wash, shampoo, moisturiser, poor little fella. 
  • Hubby after a long day's work
  • BO
  • My regular under arm deodorant so I had to buy the Crystal Stick deoderant.  
  • My regular hair shampoo. Funnily enough my Loreal Hair Spa mask smell was still bearable
  • All my facial products from Decleor Paris and Jeunesse. So my morning sickness arm twisted me to go on a shopping spree to buy new facial products. I finally settled on Kiehls because of the smell...or lack of it.
  • Dish washing liquid - I changed so many and I still can't wash dishes. Thank God for hubby as he volunteered to wash the dishes as and when. Tried Glo, Oxy Glo and Joy two different flavours each and finally Cosway Dish Drops.

Then came the feeling of nausea from the time that I wake up till the time I sleep. The feeling that I can only describe like dizzyness, an upset stomach, heaviness, the inability to function normally, difficulty in breathing and the general state of feeling completely and utterly unwell. The constant vomiting and the inability to keep any food or drink down of course contributed to the comatose state that I was in for the next 3-4 weeks. I was completely useless at home, I could only drag myself to the toilet to vomit and clean up after that, shower and then drop into bed exhausted. I could not go to work for many days and when I did go to work, I could not do anything apart from trying to stay on my feet/my chair.  My energy level and focus was non-existent. I didn't even care about how I looked. Most days, as long as I was clean and showered I was content. Make up? Didn't even bother. Suffice to say that I looked terrible!

I always thought that getting pregnant was supposed to be a happy and joyous occasion. Hubby and I all glowing and loving because of the new life growing inside me. Sincerely, I couldn't feel more different than that!

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