Tuesday 25 August 2015

My Beloved Malaysia

This year has been a very eventful year for Malaysia, our beloved country. I woke up early this morning and just couldn't go back to sleep so I decided to spend sometime in prayer and reading the Bible and the  NECF 40 day Fast & Prayer 2015 booklet for our nation.

Malaysia has been making headlines all over the world with the exposure on the massive corruption, (RM 42 B! by Sarawak Report) political upheaval, economic crisis, the Ringgit's free fall ( 1 USD = RM4.19 as of today), idiotic NGOs and other groups who insist on making the problems in our country racial and religious rather than face the fact that it is corruption and cronyism. Growing racial and religious extremism, the various flip flop explanations by those in the government leadership positions liken their speeches to a work of fiction, investigations and probes (including special task force) into the alleged corruption disbanded and sabotaged, leaders with no integrity or support from the rakyat given high positions and even money in the Prime Minister's Department whilst others are removed or sacked, police who goes after the whistle blowers instead of investigating the actual people involved in the corruption, police who pours resources into investigating a lie (like in this article Bersih paying rally goers), police who declare Bersih 4.0 an illegal gathering but does nothing about this Anti Bersih gathering, a country's leader who seems to be interested only in money and power, the Malaysian royal families (with the exception of Johor) indifferent to all this. An education system that  is failing our next generation and the only option is to send them to a private/international school to ensure that they don't turn out like zombies. All this is enough to make you want to leave the country if you have the option.

At the end of the day, it is really the ordinary man and woman on the street that bears the brunt of all this. Tax payers who faithfully go to work everyday to make a living for themselves and their family. It is easy for us to just go about our daily lives being indifferent to all that is happening around us thinking that it will not affect us but it actually does. I thought, prayed and cried a little for how Malaysia is today. I think of Chapati and baby #2 what will their future be?

I asked what one could do in times like this, what difference could we make? Our family? I realised that it would be difficult to do the big things but we can stop being indifferent and find ways and means to make a difference to those around us, whether at work, our community, friends and our family.

Sharing something that I received this morning though I don't know who wrote it but it is encouragement that I personally needed.

Today, Malaysia woke up and many hearts were broken

We mourn our nation not because we lost, but because we were cheated

We lost not to a better party, but we lost to injustice
We lost not a better system, but we lost the lack of integrity
We lost not to a better count, but we lost to the failure in upholding civil rights
We lost not to a better leader, but we lost to corruption
We lost not to a better policy but we lost to deceit

But we will and must not lose heart

We may feel sad, but we must not give way to despair
We may feel angry, but we must not lose our righteous ways
We may feel cheated, but we must fight on
We may feel like leaving, but we must stay together 
We may feel like giving up, but we must now let the dream carry us
We may feel like nothing will change, but must now become that change

We will rally & pray
We will walk on & dream
We will not give up
We will become a Better Malaysia.

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