Tuesday, 18 August 2015

Family Outing - Stream and sand!

We got invited to join in our friend's son's birthday celebration in Bukit Kiara Park in Taman Tun Dr Ismail and we thought that it would be nice to take Chapati out to the park/playground and run around with other kids. So far in our cell group he is the youngest and it will be good for him to socialise with kids of all ages.

Anyway, we got there and he was happy to run around and see the playground slides and swings. Then I decided to ask Hubby to bring him to the stream nearby as most of the children had already decided to jump in and play with the water because it was so hot. 

We were unprepared for it because we didn't think of putting him in the water, so we didn't bring any swimmers or a towel for him. Hubby said to just strip him of his long pants and put him in the stream with his rompers. We had a change of diapers and clothes anyway where ever we go, so it should be alright.

He loved the water and the sand! This is actually the first time that he is playing in a stream with sand. 

His very happy face when Papa put him in the stream! 

Playing with the sand and testing out his little borrowed spade.

Playing with the other kids.

Happily splashing water at everyone. By this time he had a really really really heavy diaper! Ha ha ha! We all enjoyed ourselves and will definitely plan for more soon.

Can't wait till our trip to Phuket next month. He is going to love the sea and sand!

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